Deep Light Bronze Y7CI


  • metallized
  • imprinting effect
  • matt surface painting

Application: profili in legno, mdf, plastica, lastre termoformabili in plastica, decorazione di materie plastiche in bobina.

Features: the foil or film for hot stamping is a heat-transferable dry decoration system. The decoration is stamped onto a polyester film and transferred via heat and pressure onto the substrate to be ennobled.

Idea: decoration of smooth or raised profiles and panels for internal decor.

Application: for all components of the furniture (edges, doors, panels, furnishings), and for the frame or the finishing profile.

Features: good impact resistance, versatility in the use that makes it a product adoptable in a wide range of applications.

Idea: decoration of profiles and frames, and panels for the interior furnishing.

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