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Elegant and refined home furnishings

The classical style decor is distinguished by its retro taste and its large and refined environments. The spaces are characterized by the symmetry that helps in the distribution of balanced and harmonious decor.
The furniture has inlays, sought-after decorative elements, padding, with French and English influence.
The materials are noble and combine with each other through intelligent enhancement: wood with ceramics, marble, glass and bronze.
In this style, the basic shades used for the environment are light, thus making a net contrast possible with the dark materials of the sumptuous decor.

  • Acid DAVW

  • Acid Silver DBAM

  • Argento a gocce DLAW

  • Argento Fino DVPL

  • Ariel Gold DARC

  • Ariel Light Gold DARB

  • Ariel Palladium DAMC

  • Ariel Platinumin DARA

  • Ariel Silver DATK

  • Doratura DKWF

  • Fiorino Champagne DKOP

  • Fiorino Gold DKOO

  • Fiorino Silver DKAH

  • Giunte Foglia Gold DVPM

  • Giunte Foglia Silver DVAF

  • Giunte Foglia White Gold DVPD

  • Lublin Gold DALV

  • Lublin Silver DALY