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Our Glamour Style products

From corroded to patined metal, floral designs to woods and burls, our selection of glamour products has effects and finishings with particular combinations.

  • Bubbles Silver Y9BH

  • Dream Gold PLYB

  • Dream Rose Quartz PMPB

  • Dream Rosegold PMPC

  • Elephant Silver Y9AX

  • Pastello Black PMNW

  • Pastello Brown PMMM

  • Pastello Light Blue PMD3

  • Pastello Red PMRT

  • Pastello White PMQZ

  • Point Silver Y9AY

  • Polka Silver Y9AV

  • Radica DRFD

  • Argento Y9BF

  • Rain Silver Y9BE

  • Saffiano Silver Y9BB

  • White 08 Soft AFP Y1BE

  • Black Lux Soft Y1BO