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Our Industrial Style products

Our catalogue offers a wide range of Industrial Style effects and finishings, such as warm and cold coloured oxidized and corroded metals.

  • Century Silver DLDT

  • Chicago Gold DLKA

  • Chicago Silver DKAO

  • Colosseo Champagne DKAL

  • Colosseo Gold DKOS

  • Cracklè Gold DAOH

  • Hollywood Aluminium DVAU

  • Hollywood Dark Silver DVAV

  • Iron Burnt DBHF

  • Ischia Copper DVPY

  • Ischia Light Gold DVWA

  • Ischia Silver DVPW

  • Ischia Steel DVPZ

  • Mercury Silver DKFJ

  • Mercury Titanium DKFE

  • Old Copper DSQJ

  • Old Silver DGF1

  • Portofino Gold DLQB