Shabby chic

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A Shabby Chic Style catalogue

Our selection of products offers a wide range of effects and finishes. From cracklè metallized products to more delicate designs, the catalogue is a real help for architects and designers.

  • Amalfi Silver DABJ

  • Amazing Ash DBHK

  • Amazing Decapé GAAQ

  • Amazing Maple DBHJ

  • Argento Patinato DLAF

  • Bleakwood Brown DKVD

  • Bleakwood Green DKVE

  • Bleakwood Grey DKVB

  • Bleakwood Indigo DKVC

  • Capodimonte Gold DVQW

  • Capodimonte Silver DVAZ

  • Capodimonte White DBCL

  • Cloudy White DNCR

  • Legno Bruciato DLF2

  • Lipari DLZN

  • Lipari Gold DKKP

  • Mist DMAC

  • Navarra Silver DAAG