Films and foils for interior design, since 1970.

We customise hot stamping foils, lamination foils, decorative papers and foil coatings for contract interior decoration and the industrial production of furniture and furnishings.

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Hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil

Decoration film for panels and profiles in PVC, PS, MDF and wood.



Lamination foil for edges, panels and profiles in ABS, PVC, fiber glass, HPL e CPL.

Wrapping foils

Wrapping foils

Plastic films in PET, PP e PVC for panel and profiles decoration.

  • Striped Silver DLAO

  • Smooth Brushed Bronze DLSG

  • Atlantis Platinum DKKK

  • Storm Champagne DLSL

  • Storm Gold DLKH

  • Rust Gold DSOG

  • Black Y1BO

  • Mud Y1BZ

  • Titanium Y7DD

  • Gloss White Y7CX

  • Bronze Y7DP

  • Golden Oak Y2DN

Decorative films for architectural applications and much more

At Manetti Design, we support the customer with a consultancy service on our products and their applications. We’ll listen to our customers’ requirements and then advise them on the most suitable option, depending on the technical specification of the project and the aesthetics  they are looking for.

Thickness, shade and final effect  can all be customised thanks to our catalogue containing over 200 colours and finishes, all in line with current furnishing trends.

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