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Hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil

Decoration film for panels and profiles in PVC, PS, MDF and wood.



Lamination foil for edges, panels and profiles in ABS, PVC, fiber glass, HPL e CPL.

Wrapping foils

Wrapping foils

Plastic films in PET, PP e PVC for panel and profiles decoration.

  • Essential Ardesia PMIK

  • Metal Bronze F4SH

  • Amalfi Silver DABJ

  • Spugnato Gold DAQD

  • Iced Steel DSAN

  • Honed Silver Y1BI

  • Honed White Gold LBBF

  • Nemea Dark Silver DLEC

  • Florida Silver DLTK

  • Oro Spazz. 64 DLQE

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