Decorative papers for covering furniture

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Our decorative papers come in three types:

  • Transfers for hot stamping
  • Decorative foils for lamination
  • Foil coatings.

Each of these product groups requires specific application machinery, used in the industrial manufacturing of construction and furnishing products such as door saddles and furniture components.

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Manetti Design decorative papers are suitable for interior design projects and for decorating hotels, shops, bars and other public spaces.

We respond to different needs thanks to our selection of on-trend and classic finishesincluding imitation wood and metallic.

We help customers find the best solution for their project and create the desired effect. For example, imitation wood can be customised with smooth or lacquered solid colours, and made to look like the surface of open-grain or closed-grain wood.

Our team is available for custom orders.

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  • Amalfi Champagne DADR

  • Crater Orange Gold DAIJ

  • Giunte argento e nero F4AS

  • Giunte foglia oro bianco F4BZ

  • Deep Aluminium F4SC

  • Vibro Aluminium F4SA

  • Vibro Gold F4SB

  • Metal Bronze F4SH

  • Metal Gold F4SI

  • Metal Natural Brass F4SE

  • Metal Orange Brass F4SD

  • Metal Rose Gold F4SG

  • Storm Champagne F4AA

  • Storm Silver F4CJ