PVC laminate sheets for kitchen

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Foil coatings are not only intended for living rooms and bedrooms – they are also suitable for use in the kitchen. Cupboards, cabinets, doors and shelves: many items of furniture can be enhanced and elevated with a well-chosen coating.

In the Manetti Design catalogue, you can choose from a wide range of elegant coatings  suitable for surfaces, panelling and furniture profiles.

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Take a modern kitchen peninsula for example. We recommend using a brushed matte-effect product on the base – ideal for both a vintage or contemporary minimalist style.

We can customise:

  • Thickness
  • Finish
  • Colour
  • Effect, for example matte or mirrored.

Our products are technically innovative and aesthetically customisable to meet numerous design needs. They are also certified to meet European and US regulations on the environment and plastics recycling.

Our consultants are available to show you the latest furnishing trends and help you find the best custom solution for your kitchen design project.

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  • Anthracite Y2DQ

  • Bronze Y1CF

  • Chocolate Y2EC

  • Criss Cross Grey Y1CR

  • Dark Oak Y2DR

  • Dots Grey Y1CS

  • Ecru Y1CP

  • Gloss White Y7CX

  • Gold Y3FT

  • Gold Y1CG

  • Gold Y3IW

  • Gold Y3IX

  • Golden Oak Y2DN

  • Grained Leather Mud Y1CT

  • Hemp Brown Y1CQ

  • Lilac Y7CV

  • Linen Brown Y1CV

  • Medium Grey Y7CU