Foil for plastic profiles

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The product that pays attention to detail

The plastic profiles are produced in ABS or PVC used for finishing panels.

Thanks to the use of our foils for lamination, the range of metallized finishings has been enhanced. In addition to the effects present on the market, it will be possible to have brushed metals in various colours, corroded, oxidized, patined or metallized designs.

  • .Patinato Bianco DKLD

  • .Patinato Nero DKLC

  • Acciaio Spazzolato Cross DLBX

  • Acid DAVW

  • Acid Gold DAIE

  • Acid Gold DAIR

  • Acid Silver DBAM

  • Alluminio Mirror AB73

  • Alluminio Spazz. 64 DLAK

  • Alluminio Spazzolato DKBC

  • Alluminio Spazzolato DLBS

  • Amazing Ash DBHK

  • Amazing Decapé GAAQ

  • Amazing Maple DBHJ

  • Argent Opaco PMXC

  • Argent PMXD

  • Argento Fino DVPL

  • Cork Brown DKIA