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The PMMA, PS, PVC sheets are plastic decorative or structural elements with many areas of use, from furniture to building.

  • .Patinato Bianco DKLD

  • .Patinato Nero DKLC

  • Argent Opaco PMXC

  • Capri Steel DVDA

  • Crater Light Silver DBAA

  • Engraved Cross Silver DKTI

  • Fossil Brown DBCF

  • Nacré Gold DARJ

  • Pastello Black PMNW

  • Pastello White PMQZ

  • Radica DRFD

  • Shabby Sand DBCA

  • Smooth Brushed Bronze DLSG

  • Smooth Brushed Champagne DKOT

  • Smooth Brushed Gun Metal DAYS

  • Smooth Brushed Silver DAYT

  • Tarnished Gold DAOG

  • Vintage Bronze DAAY