Foil for HPL and CPL

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Our products coat laminates

The HPL and CPL plastic laminates combine different layers of impregnated paper with plastic resins, with the aid of heat and pressure.

  • Crater Light Gold DAIL

  • Crater Light Silver DBAA

  • Crater Orange Gold DAIJ

  • Engraved Cross Silver DKTI

  • Giunte argento e nero F4AS

  • Giunte foglia oro bianco F4BZ

  • Deep Aluminium F4SC

  • Vibro Aluminium F4SA

  • Metal Bronze F4SH

  • Metal Gold F4SI

  • Metal Natural Brass F4SE

  • Metal Orange Brass F4SD

  • Metal Rose Gold F4SG

  • Nacré Gold DARJ

  • Shabby Sand DBCA

  • Smooth Brushed Bronze DLSG

  • Smooth Brushed Champagne DKOT

  • Smooth Brushed Gun Metal DAYS