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The Goldenfold brand names a line of products with different degrees of surface resistance. The designs offered are the result of research regarding trends in the furniture sector.

Goldenfold is produced with certified FSC paper; it does not contain heavy metals or detectable traces of solvents.

  • .Patinato Bianco DKLD

  • .Patinato Nero DKLC

  • Acciaio Spazzolato DLBB

  • Alluminio Spazz. 64 DLAK

  • Alluminio Spazzolato DKBC

  • Alluminio Spazzolato DLBS

  • Amalfi Champagne DADR

  • Amalfi Silver DABJ

  • Amazing Sand GAAS

  • Argent PMXD

  • Artic Silver DNAF

  • Bisanzio Gold DAQB

  • Bronzo Spazz. 64 DLSE

  • Canna di fucile Spazz. 64 DLBN

  • Capodimonte White DBCL

  • Capri Light Silver DVBA

  • Cemento DGLU

  • Concrete Dark Grey DBCT