hot stamping for interior design

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A selection of designs that follow the trends in the world of interior design, offering great design freedom to architects and designers.

The search for style on-line allows designs to be found more easily and provides new suggestions and ideas.

Our foils are particularly suitable for the decoration of various types of panels and profiles.

  • Concrete Dark Grey DBVS

  • Larice GDAI

  • Larice GDAG

  • Rovere Bianco GBVP

  • Oak GBBN

  • Acacia GBAV

  • Oak GBBM

  • Birch Natural GBKL

  • Acero GBAZ

  • Cedro GBXC

  • Rovere GBVN

  • Acero GDAC

  • Rovere Naturale GCRO

  • Oregon Pine Cross GBLC

  • Rovere GBEP

  • Acero GBAQ

  • Quercia GDBT

  • Quercia GDBU