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Embossed metallic on wrapping films for profiles and panels.
Embotech is a line of raised metallized decorative films, used to ennoble profiles and panels.The effects and finishes of this range of products make Embotech the perfect choice for covering furnishings in modern or glamorous environments. Thanks to its three-dimensionality, the product imitates chrome-plated metal plates.

  • Bubbles Silver Y9BH

  • Elephant Silver Y9AX

  • Point Silver Y9AY

  • Polka Silver Y9AV

  • Argento Y9BF

  • Rain Silver Y9BE

  • Saffiano Silver Y9BB

  • Alluminio Y9BL

  • Gold Y9BP

  • Oro Y9AC

  • Saffiano Oro Y9BS

  • Turtle Silver Y9BI