New Catalogue of products for MDF wrapping

By 16 April 2019 No Comments

We are happy to present our new catalogue of products for MDF profiles and panels wrapping. In addition to the wooden effects classified per color tones, you will also find solid colors and several metallic effects.

Classification per color tone

In order to make the product research easier, we have classified our collection into four groups:

  • dark
  • halftone
  • clear
  • solid and metallic

Flexible and up-to-date

The page size  allows to get a wider sight of the image, showing at the best level weft and effects.

The ring binder makes the catalogue easier to browse in, allowing the integration with the new proposals we will send you from time to time to keep you update to the contemporary trends  of the furniture sector.

On-line catalogue

It is possible to enter on-line an MDF section of the catalogue. By simply clicking on the selected section you will discover the finishing and the technical solutions for profiles or panels.

  • Mirror Y7BK

  • Mirror Y7BG

  • Mirror Bronze Y1BT

  • Mirror Fine Gold Y1BU

  • Engraved Brushed Steel Y3FC

  • Engraved Brushed Champagne Y3FB

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