The New Frontier of Polypropylene in Coating Foils for Profiles and Panels

The furniture sector is constantly evolving and requires innovative and functional wrapping solutions for MDF components.


Manetti Design and Eco-Sustainable Furnishings

We have chosen to innovate our offering with new collections of furniture wrapping foils made of Polypropylene, a very versatile and durable material that allows for experimenting and achieving entirely new finishes and effects for interior decoration.

Il vantaggio di questo materiale è riscontrabile in molti settori, specialmente nel mondo industriale, e permette di allinearsi alle nuove esigenze ecologiche del mercato. Il polipropilene è un’ottima soluzione a produzioni che mettono al centro la salute del pianeta sia per la sua resistenza nel tempo, sia per la sua riciclabilità che riduce l’impatto ambientale.

The advantage of this material is evident in many sectors, especially in the industrial world, and it aligns with the new ecological demands of the market. Polypropylene is an excellent solution for productions that prioritize the health of the planet due to its long-lasting durability and recyclability, which reduces environmental impact.

Our collections of products made in polypropylene:











Why choose polypropylene for coating furniture components

Polypropylene (or polypropene, abbreviated as PP) is a thermoplastic polymer derived from crude oil. It is highly resistant to stresses, abrasions, and chemical agents. It boasts excellent insulating properties and does not absorb unpleasant odors. It ensures a low environmental impact as it can be easily recycled. Moreover, although it is a synthetic raw material, its production does not require particularly polluting processes. It is also produced without the need for large quantities of water and chemicals.

Here are some of the main characteristics of polypropylene:

  • Mechanical resistance (impacts and stresses = robust and durable material)
  • Lightweight (low density)
  • Chemical resistance
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents (sunlight, humidity, oxidation)
  • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • Ease of processing (extrusion, injection molding, and thermoforming processes)
  • Recyclability (can be melted and reused)

Its adaptability in terms of production and environmental impact makes the application of polypropylene a convenient choice for producing a wide range of products. Each of these aspects contributes to making polypropylene a suitable material for producing plastic coating films for furniture components.

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